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Conference of UNESCO Clubs from both shores of the Mediterranean: The role of UNESCO Clubs in facing ‎the challenges of the modern world (6-8/02/2014)‎

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO organized in partnership with the Rotary Club de Beyrouth 1931, and ‎under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Gaby Layoun a conference of UNESCO Clubs from both shores of the ‎Mediterranean: The role of UNESCO clubs in facing the challenges of the modern world.‎
The conference, held in Beirut from 6 to 8 February 2014, was attended by the President and the Vice-President of the ‎World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations, the President of the Arab Federation of UNESCO ‎Clubs, presidents and members of UNESCO Clubs in France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, and ‎Lebanon.‎
Major themes discussed during the sessions were: violence: its causes, manifestations and means of dissolution; ‎discrimination and exclusion; isolationism and radicalism; social transformations. Issues were raised by academics, ‎while club representatives presented the initiatives and activities undertaken in response to these challenges. The ‎participants were invited to spend the third day of the conference in Nabatieh, where they were welcomed by the Vice-‎President of the Middle East region of the Arab Federation of UNESCO Clubs, and the President of Nabatieh UNESCO ‎Club, Dr. Mostapha Badreddine. Participants were introduced to the main activities of the Club, and visited the city and ‎the historical site Beaufort castle, as well as the tomb of the Lebanese inventor Hassan Kamel al-Sabbah.‎
The closing lecture “Towards a universal solidarity” was given by Prof. Joseph Maïla at the UNESCO Palace, and ‎organized in cooperation with Saint-Joseph University. ‎
The conference concluded with the drafting of the “Beirut Declaration”, which will be published by the Lebanese National ‎Commission for UNESCO.‎
A gala dinner, was hosted by the Rotary Club de Beyrouth 1931, in honor of the participants and in the presence of the ‎Minister of Culture at the Holiday Inn Dunes – Verdun.‎ 





































Interactive Meeting on Youth Policy and UNESCO Clubs (14/12/2012)

The Lebanese National Commission, UNESCO Beirut Office and the Youth Policy Forum organized an interactive meeting on Youth Policy and UNESCO Clubs, with the participation of UNESCO Club members, members of the Youth Forum, and students from the following universities: American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanese American University – Beirut (LAU), Notre Dame University (NDU), American University of Science and Technology (AUST), Beirut Arab University (BAU), Sagesse University, Jinan University, Lebanese International University (LIU) and Haigazian University. Among the attendees from NDU was Dr. Ziad Fahed, Dean of student affairs and Mrs. Nada Saber, NDU UNESCO Club Advisor.

The opening included speeches from the Director of UNESCO Beirut Office, Dr. Hamed Al-Hammami, represented by Dr. Seiko Sugita, Programme Specialist at UNESCO Beirut Office, and from Mrs. Ramza Jaber Saad, Assistant Secretary General at the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, as well as from the Director of Masar Association, Mr. Kamal Shayya.

Ms. Rania Sabaayon (Youth Forum Secretary) presented the major components of the Youth Policy, while Mr. Shayya discussed the youth participation in decision-making, and Ms. Christiane Jeitani (National Coordinator of UNESCO associated schools and UNESCO Clubs) introduced the students to UNESCO, the Lebanese National Commission and UNESCO Clubs; and gave a general assessment of the series of lectures that were given by 6 members of the Youth Forum in 23 schools, with one of the member, Ms. Sarah Bitar sharing her experience.

The last panel showcased stories and activities from the UNESCO Clubs of Nabatieh (by President Dr. Mustapha Badreddine), LAU UNESCO Club (by President Mr. Fadi Hammoud), AUB UNESCO Club (by Club member Ms. Lynn Chalhoub) and Alumni UNESCO Club (by Vice President Mr. Abbas Sibaei).













AUB Unesco Club (2009)

AUB Unesco Club organized a series of activities in various areas of concerns among which:

o Roundtable on violence in Ghaza and Ethiopia, and raising awareness on violence against women.

o Conference around "Movement Against Racism Today", "the Dissemination of Knowledge: Investigation Ras Beirut".

o Participation in the Charity Week at AUB, through collecting donations and doing charity work.

o Iniatives to preserve the environment within the university campus and collaborating with recycling organizations.

o Participation in the Beirut Marathon.

o Launching of the AUB Unesco Club website and the newsletter to present the Club activities.

LAU Unesco Club (2009)

LAU Unesco Club organized a series of activities in various areas of concerns among which:

o Collecting around 300 books for the local public library.

o Public contest around history and culture of Lebanon.

o Participation in organizing the Heritage Day on Campus.

o Awareness campaign on public safety, driving and smoking in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross Club.

o Participation in a national campaign of solidarity with the woman's right to give citizenship to her children.

o Learning about other cultures through food traditions in cooperation with the Saudi Cultural Club.

o Blue Sea campaign which aimed at raising awareness on the problems of the Lebanese coast, protection and development of the marine life.

o Meeting with the world fastest blind runner, who participated in international marathons and talked about his experience in overcoming his disability through physical and mental force.

USJ Unesco Club (2009)

USJ Unesco Club organized a series of activities in various areas of concerns among which:

o Roundtable on "Sexual Deviation" in collaboration with Helem organization, and with the participation of specialists in history and psychology, as well as media experts.

o Roundtable on "Civil Marriage" tackling the religious, legal and social aspects, with the participation of a Christian and a Muslim religious men, a judge and a sociologist, as well as a live testimony from a renowned actor.