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In accordance with its mandate, the Lebanese National Commission assumes four major tasks, which are the outcomes of its "purposes" and "functions" as specified by its statutes and as defined by Unesco's Constitution (Article VII) and Charter of National Commissions.

The tasks are:

• An advisory role, to advise the various national ministerial departments, as well as the national agencies, institutions and organizations on all matters relating to Unesco and ALECSO and their respective programs.
• A liaison role, to serve as a liaison agency between the National bodies concerned with the spheres of Education, Sciences, Culture and information on one hand, and Unesco and ALECSO on the other.
• An information role, to publicize the mission and work of Unesco as well as ALECSO, disseminating their values and promoting awareness of issues that they deal with.
• An execution role under which it is associated, on behalf of its member state, in the formulation, execution and evaluation of Unesco and ALECSO programs and budgets.